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Predicted Champs 2/22

Posted on: February 22, 2009 12:00 pm

Top is Champ, second line is runner up.

ACC: UNC still has to be the favorite even after the Maryland loss.

-UNC (3 losses, however even if they loose to Duke, they would still be champs based on head to head wins vs. everyone else.) They would loose the head to head to Wake, but Wake has tough games today vs. Duke, and also one vs. Clemson left as well.

-Clemson- based on my thoughts heres what we have. A 4 way tie right now. But, we remove Florida State, there schedule is brutal. Essentially bringing this to a 3 way race. I see Clemson maybe stumbling once at Wake, bringing this to a 5 loss team. Duke looses to UNC in Chapel Hill also bringing them to 5 losses. Head to head goes to Clemson. That brings us to Wake. They loose tonight in Durham also bringing them to 5 losses in conference play. BUT- I can see this going one of two ways: Either Wake looses to Clemson in the final game, OR, they slip and loose to Maryland.

So Based on that- I think it will be Clemson.


Big 12: A lot will be determined tomorrow night, but what a stretch run for the top 3 teams!

-OU- 14-2 ALOT depends on how Blake comes back vs. Kansas this week. Huge came for the Jayhawks. But I think the edge goes to OU at home. I think they beat Kansas at home tomorrow night. Then they loose to Missouri on an upset in Missouri. But, based on the head to head win over Kansas, they take it.

-kansas-14-2 I think they loose to OU, then win out. Texas and Missouri are in lawrence- a HUGE favor to there schedule.


Big 10: I still think its MSU's to loose as it has been for a bit. But, both Illinois and Purdue can win it too with games vs. MSU ahead.

-msu-14-4 loss to illini in Illinois.

-illini-12-6 I think they loose to Penn State, on the road, another desperate (very) team. Head to heads twice give them the advantage over Purdue.

-purdue 12-6 losses to uofm and msu. Both games are on the road, MSU fighting to keep its 2 seed dangerous as always in breslin, and UofM a desperate team ready to do anything- very dangerous.

Big East: Well- this is my conference, and I am always hesitant to do my own since bias can be involved. I am not sure how the sports analysists do it! But this is my best shot at trying to remain un-biased. Sorry Marquette- you face everyone but the Lakers in your last games, so you may drop to 5th even behind Nova. (Sorry, its the bias thing, I think you loose 3 of the last 4 (W vs Cuse). Too much coming from behind or close games for my liking- no hit on the team since I didnt give UofL the title either.

-pitt-16-2 Beats UConn for the title. Much like last year when the Big East title came down to Louisville vs Georgetown in the final game of the march season, I think this is how it happens.


-louisville-15-3 Louisville looses- I wont speculate as to who, either Georgetown in an upset on the road or more likely West Virginia.

Pac 10: Im curious as to how Wazzu got seattle so late, and all 4 of there final games at home? This could be decided on the 26th when Washington and AZ State matchup in Seattle.

-Washington- home advantage vs AZ State, easy road ahead. They win, and win the conference. Crushed ASU in Arizona already once.

-ucla- could still be in the mix- easy schedule ahead.

-I also throw in the mix Arizona- they have been doing very well!Head to head over UW- if they beat them in Washington, this could be interesting, but I dont think it happens.

This conference is a tough call, but I do give the edge to washington.

SEC: Duh. LSU of course. But does anyone care at this point who wins the east? Does anyone want to win the east?

-LSU- I think a W vs Florida and they win the conference already, which I believe makes them the first conference to be decided already if I am not mistaken (and there is a good possibility!)

-East: Florida. I think itll actually end up being a tie with SC, so I am not sure how that works out because they split the regular season. I wont bother spending time going into tiebreaks. (Especially since its the SEC- man, seriously whats up this year?)

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